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How Quickly You Can Get Out of the LoopApr 15, 2009

of fashion, that is. Mainly because of Blythe but also because of boredom, I've stopped looking at almost everything fashion related. Quelle horreur!! It's been months since I've looked at Style.com, read Fashionista, or picked up Italian Vogue. I mean, I've leafed through the lasted Harper's at a doctors office and occasionally go to Net-A-Porter or ShopBop but I've really deserted the fashion world.

I realized this morning that I don't really know what's trendy for spring let alone what is coming for fall. :faint: I haven't been in this position since my freshman year of high school. I used to spend my first period classes looking at the latest runway shows and now, here I am, having no idea what to wear.

I feel like I'm trying to run a marathon after sitting on the couch for a year. I didn't know one of my favorite models had a blog (Oh So Coco). I didn't know that another favorite model, Jacquetta Wheeler, is everywhere right now. Please forgive me for being a bad lover of fashion. I have forsaken it for pastels, mohair, and big eyed-dolls. I some balance in my life with my hobbies. Fashion and reading used to be all I had so it's very strange to have Blythe and sewing tossed into the mix.

I'm giving myself fashion rehab starting with T Paris Vogue, Vogue Italia, i-D, and of course, the beloved runway. I'm starting off with spring so I know what I need to wear and then heading to fall so I can start planning. And, I'm browsing Barney's to see what I wish I could afford. The universe already feels more balanced.

Shoshanna Event!Mar 03, 2009

Calling all NYC readers! Yours truly has scored you an invite to see Shoshanna's new collection and meet the designer!


Have fun!



March Must HavesMar 03, 2009

Lanvin Jaisel Pouchette $1850 - Barneys A.L.C. Drape Neck Leather Jacket - $1100 - Intermix Wendy Nichol Pearl and Mixed Chain Necklace $385 - Ravinstyle Geena Linen Jumpsuit $22 - Forever21 Lanvin Puffy Knotted Sandals $1135 - Barney's Marc by Marc Jacobs Whirlwind Dress $400 - Net-A-Porter

Spring 2009 on a DimeFeb 18, 2009

With the world economy the way it is, who can afford to buy funky McQueen when our wallets are screaming to hold on to every last penny? I present to you, Spring 2009 on a Dime. Budget friendly spring looks with fashion at the front of the line. My spring wardrobe is going to be mostly made up of updated hippie looks. Weather it's a tunic or a braided leather headband, it's bohemian grove or bust! Here are some of my favorites from Forever 21.

Back and Ready For Action! Feb 09, 2009

I have a confession to make. I got really lazy with my blog. Can you tell? I haven't posted since December 29! I feel really bad for being a slacker but I promise I'll find some way to make it up to you. Since that news is so last season, let's get on with the show. ;)

What to Wear - New Year's EveDec 29, 2008

With these days being so hectic and tomorrow the day before New Year's, you don't have time to go to a ton of stores to shop. Where can you get a complete look for your party in one store? Check out these choices from Urban Outfitters, Banana Republic, and Neiman Marcus. There! Now you're finished and ready to go!

Tell Me What You Want!Dec 06, 2008

Is there something that you want to see on Chic to the Core? Something that you have and itch for and I'm not (yet) scratching? Ok, maybe the second question is a little much. But this blog is going on it's second year in January and while I haven't been super-great about updating it, my New Years resolution is to make this blog kick ass!


If you have ideas of what you would like me to post on or if you are in need of someone to pick out an outfit for you, send me an email to cocochic[at]ymail[dot]com (or a private message) and I'll get to it! Without readers this blog is just an empty hole for me to type in so I want to hear what you guys think. In return, you'll get a better Chic to the Core!


**To be honest, I'm not going to be posting like FabSugar and Fashionista. I'm just one person in my spare time, this isn't my perfession. So, I won't have a billion posts in one day, just a few a week. But they will be awesome.

What to Wear: Office PartyDec 06, 2008

Nobody wants to haul a second outfit to the office to change. Besides, with all the looks you can wear to work now, all you need is some accessories and lipstick to make your look party ready! Don't feel like you have to stick to black. Try jewel tones in emerald, mustard, garnet, and amethyst. Here are three looks at different price ranges.




Party Looks From Forever21Dec 02, 2008

December is the season to shine and sparkle. Unfortunately, that can often cost a lot. Forever21 is looking out for us in this economy because they have a ton of fabulous holiday looks.



Find Out When Your Favorite Brands Are On Sale!Dec 02, 2008

If you're like me, you happen upon sales when you visit a store's website. Luckliy for us, the people at ShopStyle (who I've use in my blog and for personal shopping) feel the plight of secretive sales and have created something absolutely brilliant. It's called Sale Alerts and when you sign up at ShopStyle (for free, of course) you simply pick your favorite brands/designers and an alert will be emailed to you when there is a sale. How awesome is that?

You can also check out the Deals page and see all the promotions from the stores that are supported through ShopStyle. Did you know that 7 for All Mankind has a promo code for a free cosmetics case with purchase? I didn't, until I read the deals page. And you know I love a bargain!

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